Things to do in our local area...

We are lucky enough to be apart of an idyllic countryside, with many great outdoor and indoor adventures.

Pendle Hill

14 Minutes By Car | 4.9 Miles

Situated 557 metres above the sea level, Pendle Hill is one of Lancashire’s most iconic and famous breath-taking landmarks. Connected to the Pendle Witches and trials at Lancaster Castle, it is a popular spot on Halloween. The hill boasts an eight mile circular walk starting from either the conservation village of Barley, or the quintessential village of Downham.

Bowland Brewery

20 Minutes By Car | 13 Miles

If you’re looking for the ideal place for beer lovers, look no further than Bowland Brewery in Clitheroe. Established in 2003, the brewery has won many awards and has since rapidly grown and expanded its offering. Boasting the longest bar in the UK, the brewery has a staggering 42 hand pulls with over 24 cask ales on feature each week!

Ribble Valley Sculpture Trail

20 Minutes By Car | 12.4 Miles

Ribble Valley’s Sculpture Trail was first launched in 1993, and was one of the first kind to be launched in Lancashire. With 20 permanent works of art that travel through Brungerley Park and Cross Hill Quarry, the nature reserves itself is managed by the team at Lancashire Wildlife Trust.

Malham Cove

36 Minutes By Car | 17.4 Miles

Malham Coves, over 230ft high with gently curving cliffs made up of white limestone continues to amaze visitors and has done for centuries. Located along the Middle Craven Fault, the coves have eroded backwards from the fault line, through water and ice over many years.


The coves themselves, dating back to one and a half million years ago, were covered in huge sheets of ice, with the glaciers grounding their way over the landscape. Every time the glaciers melted, there would be huge flood which eroded the coves further.

Clitheroe Castle

20 Minutes By Car | 13.1 Miles

Located in the quintessential town of Clitheroe, Clitheroe Castle Museum has been of the staple components of the town’s skyline for over 800 years. With glorious panoramic views of the Ribble Valley, the gallery inside traces back over 350 millions of fabulous heritage, history and geology of the region. A variety of crafts and other activities await for those looking to explore.

Pendle Sculpture Trail

10 Minutes By Car | 3.3 Miles

The sculpture trail is situated in beautiful woodland – Aitken Wood. Walk up from the lovely village of Barley to the wood and you’ll find bats, stone witches, mythical creatures, and a host of marvellous sculptures on the Pendle Sculpture Trail.  

Weets Hill

Walking Direct from Valley View | 4 Miles Circular Walk

On arrival at the summit of Weets Hill just sit on the bench and take in the views. To the north and east lie the Yorkshire Dales whilst to the west the flatter landscape drifts off towards Morecambe Bay. South is different again with the rolling moors of Bronte Country clearly in view. It is one of the great advantages of being isolated. At 1,302 feet Weets Hill is not small or for the faint-hearted but well worth the climb. 

The Atom Trail

17 Minutes By Car | 7.4 Miles

The Atom Trail is a short circular walking trail around one of East Lancashire’s intriguing “Panopticans” or artistic “sculptures” offering stunning viewpoints. The Atom looks down on the village of Wycoller and its Country Park. The views are great all along this trail, and you also have the great advantage that you can stop off in Wycoller village to get refreshed at the lovely Tea Room, see Wycoller’s collection of ancient bridges, including the Clapper, Clam and Packhorse, and see the Wicker sculptures, and the ruins of Wycoller Hall, which the Brontes made famous.

Gisburn Forrest

32 Minutes By Car | 14.4 Miles

The largest forest in Lancashire, Gisburn Forest has a network of waymarked forest walks and a cycle trail. These are based on existing forest roads offering a variety of routes, with the total length of the cycle network at 16km. It offers a wide range of things to do, 6 walking trails, 4 cycling trails, Horse riding, Bike hire, Caféand most importantly dog friendly.